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Organometallic Chemistry beyond the future

The ISOC series is the most important school on organometallic chemistry at the European level, organized by Camerino University under the auspices of the Interdivisional Group of Organometallic chemistry of the Italian Chemical Society. The aim is to encourage the presence of young researchers and Ph.D students both from University and Industry, including those not directly involved in organometallic research projects, in order to bring together young researchers and distinguished European scientists as a contribution to the important goal of increasing the transfer of knowledge at a high level between different European countries and different generation of scientists.

Organometallic compounds continue to have a tremendous impact on modern organic synthesis and are nowadays commonly employed as catalysts for the production of fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and advanced materials. The XIV edition of ISOC will deal not with fundamental principles and there use in novel applications, but also with the role of organometallic chemistry in finding solutions to many of the major societal challenges in the 21st century: from the development of sustainable energy solutions to the mitigation of climate change, from the synthesis of effective therapeutics to the production of new materials ranging from novel polymers to nanomaterials, from the generation of industrial feedstocks to the remediation of the environment.

The scientific community is increasingly being stimulated to tackle problems of practical interest and the society will undoubtedly rely on advances made in the field of organometallic chemistry in the development of improved sustainable chemical transformations.