Enzo Alessio (Univ. Trieste)
The battle against cancer with metal compounds

Prof. Enzo Alessio (Italy) University of Trieste


F. Matthias Bickelhaupt (Univ. Amsterdam)
Theoretical organometallic chemistry: new concepts and design principles

Prof. Matthias F. M. Bickelhaupt (Netherlands) VU University Amsterdam and Radboud University Nijmegen


Pierre Braunstein (Univ. Strasbourg)
Metal-Ligand Interplay for the design of the first and second coordination spheres: fundamental aspects and applications

Prof. Pierre Braunstein (France) CNRS-Université de Strasbourg

Bas de Bruin (Univ. Amsterdam)
New catalytic developments involving carbene reactivity

Prof. Bas de Bruin (Netherlands) University of Amsterdam


Gerhard Erker (Univ. Münster)
Frustrated Lewis pair chemistry - principles and recent developments

Prof. Gerhard Erker (Germany) University of Münster

Gianluca Farinola (Univ.Bari)
Organometallic approaches to conjugated molecules and polymers for optoelectronics

Prof. Gianluca Farinola  (Italy) University of Bari

Jacques Maddaluno (Univ. Rouen)
Organolithium chemistry: an analytical resurrection

Prof. Jacques Maddaluno (France) CNRS-University of Rouen


Tobin Jay Marks (Northwestern Univ.)
Interface science of unconventional photovoltaic devices

Prof. Tobin J. Marks (USA) Northwestern University


Jose Luis Mascareñas (Univ. Santiago de Compostela)
New advances in metal catalyzed cycloadditions

Prof. José Luis Mascareñas (Spain) CIQUS University of Santiago de Compostela


Nuno Maulide (Univ. Vienna)
Molecular gymnastics: organic synthesis with rearrangements

Prof. Nuno Maulide (Austria) University of Vienna


Greta R. Patzke (Univ. Zurich)
Transition metal oxocluster catalysts: from structure-activity relationships to artificial photosynthesis

Prof. Greta Patzke (Switzerland) University of Zurich


Olivia Reinaud (Univ. Paris Descartes)
Coordination chemistry in biomimetic cavitites

Prof. Olivia Reinaud (France) CNRS-University of Paris Decartes


Axel Jacobi von Wangelin (Univ. Regensburg)
The significance of reductive chemical processes: Examples from industry, research,and future societies

Prof. Axel Jacobi von Wangelin (Germany) University of Regensburg


Jieping Zhu (École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne)
Palladium-catalyzed domino processes for the synthesis of heterocycles

Prof. Jieping Zhu (Switzerland) Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering, École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne